Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Challenge mode: Berserker run!

Challenge modes!

After fighting your way trough the campaigns, every swords and soldiers player wants to relax for a while. For this occasion we got exactly what they need, and no, this is not a backrub from Olga. 
We included 3 different challenge modes, gametypes which are a little different from your average swords and soldiers game. 

The first of these modes is:

The berserker run!

As Arnie the berserker, strolls trough his own backyard thinking about his lovely olga, he gets lost. While finding his way back Arnie, always in for a good rumble, encounters several foes from a long time ago. 
This is not the only one of his problems Arnie also develops a multiple personality disorder which makes his quest all the more interesting. 

The Goal of this challenge mode is to make Arnie run as far as he can, overcoming hordes of enemies using magical spells. 
This may look like a simple task at first. However the more distance Arnie covers, the more diverse adversaries will try to ruin your game along the way. Fortunately for Arnie by running further and further he will unlock magical spells for u, which u can use to aid him in his efforts.
The sheer diversity and quantity of these adversaries will test your resolve in a game of wits and reflexes. 


chuk said...

tis about time

redneliz said...


sif said...

why is it such a challenge to give us a realese date or at least faction updates

Mario64a said...

It's an really fun challenge 2 play with your friends :P Try 2 come further then your friends is real fun.

yaooj said...

this game is coming the first Monday of June

hoover said...


Mario64a said...

yaooj, how do U know?

yaooj said...

because i already knew from a secret source that it was coming to Europe on May 15th so its logical that the American release will be June 1st after they add it to the shop channel