Thursday, May 14, 2009

Secret Code!

As you may know we have added a secret code to the game. It unlocks after you get all the 25 achievements. We added this code to do something special, as this is our first big game and we want to celebrate it! Yay! :)

In the last few weeks you guys got the opportunity to send us ideas for the code and we have chosen some really cool stuff and combined them into a Swords & Soldiers Goodie Bag!

We are giving the first 3 European/Australian people who send us their secret code this awesome goodie bag. Because the American release is a bit later, we'll also give goodie bags to the first 3 guys from the States.

Depending on how many people actually manage to achieve the code we will send more goodie bags later on, so keep sending in your codes as you may win big in the second goodie bag extravaganza!

Here is how you submit the code:

1: Achieve your ass off in Swords & Soldiers, getting all 25 achievements.
2: Go to the achievement menu, at the top you will find the code.
4: Don't forget to add your postal address in the email, otherwise we don't know where to send the goodie bag :P

happy achievement hunting! 


SoulQuick said...

now im 1st Mario64a xD
im really curious what's in the goodie bag!

Mario64a said...

Haha, congratz :P

U r the best, U rule, whoeehoeeeh.

Anonymous said...

Mind over Sword!

will said...


Anonymous said...

I bought it traight away
and sofar it's the best wiiware game i have
I bought it because I'm from belgium too and it's a good thing that i did
this game rules
so far the vikings are my favorite
I hope you guys bring out lots of other great stuff