Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Harder, better, faster, stronger!

Want to make Swords and Soldiers a bit more challenging?
Or is the game proving to be a bit TOO challenging for you?
Rejoice!! For there is a game option to alter the game speed.

There are several game speeds that reside in S&S. The entire game will be affected by this option. This setting can be altered at any time and can be found in the options menu (obviously).
Here is a quick list detailing each game speed:

If you are having trouble playing at normal speed, you can switch to this game speed. It will make it easier for you to target spells and you will have more time deciding what units to build.
Please note that with this speed enabled you won't be able to get ANY achievements.

The default game speed u will start with. Designed for the medium skilled players of S&S.
We recommend you starting with this setting first. From there decide what speed suits you best.

When your skill level grows and you feel like the action could be a little bit faster, this is the option for you! Try beating all campaign lvl's on this setting if you have cleared it on normal.

This option will be available when u finish all campaign levels.
This option is designed for those that want to get the most challenge out of the game. It will require some insane uber micromanagement to play with this speed but if u want to impress some friends or even us,
this IS the way to do it.

Now with all this revelating information go forth and battle at your leisure u diabolical warmongerers!
Thou still has a chance to be a proud owner of a Swords and Soldiers goodiebag!


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cru said...

woah differnt speeds? i totally wouldnt hav known this considering its not out in the us yet.....

Mario64a said...

Haha, 1st poster, but I was gone 5 days, so that don't count.

Anonymous said...

What?!!!!!! gamespot's review was taken down for a steep learning curve? i dont know what idiot was playing the game when he was reviewing this but any one with a brain can understand this game!

Erik said...

Funny they put that icon there (in the column on the right-hand side), cause there's nothing in the review that points to that, nor is it mentioned under 'The Bad' (middle column, top). I suppose it's the only equivalent the reviewer could find to his complaint that it can sometimes be hard to select the right unit for spells.

Anonymous said...

i was hiding under your porch because i love you.

googles said...

Best... movie... ever!