Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Euro-Australian Launch Aftermath

So, Swords & Soldiers has now been out in Europe and Australia for some time and so far we've been blown away by how good the game has been received. We already posted a link to the IGN review, but there's a couple more out there now:




Oh, right, you've probably seen it somewhere already but at the top of this post is our releasetrailer, enjoy!


Jeff said...

Thanks for the US release news, appreciate it [/sarcasm]

coldi said...

you done a great job guys!

RvDv said...

kaasje baasje ;)

Anonymous said...

lol jeff

Anonymous said...

Good work on Swords and Soldiers.
Now just wait till you guys get the U.S Aftermath.^_^

Mario64a said...

Really fun 2 play, 2 bad some people around the world need 2 wait 2 play the best Wiiware game in the World.