Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Harder, better, faster, stronger!

Want to make Swords and Soldiers a bit more challenging?
Or is the game proving to be a bit TOO challenging for you?
Rejoice!! For there is a game option to alter the game speed.

There are several game speeds that reside in S&S. The entire game will be affected by this option. This setting can be altered at any time and can be found in the options menu (obviously).
Here is a quick list detailing each game speed:

If you are having trouble playing at normal speed, you can switch to this game speed. It will make it easier for you to target spells and you will have more time deciding what units to build.
Please note that with this speed enabled you won't be able to get ANY achievements.

The default game speed u will start with. Designed for the medium skilled players of S&S.
We recommend you starting with this setting first. From there decide what speed suits you best.

When your skill level grows and you feel like the action could be a little bit faster, this is the option for you! Try beating all campaign lvl's on this setting if you have cleared it on normal.

This option will be available when u finish all campaign levels.
This option is designed for those that want to get the most challenge out of the game. It will require some insane uber micromanagement to play with this speed but if u want to impress some friends or even us,
this IS the way to do it.

Now with all this revelating information go forth and battle at your leisure u diabolical warmongerers!
Thou still has a chance to be a proud owner of a Swords and Soldiers goodiebag!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the winners are...

The lucky guys who were hardcore enough to be the first beating all the achievements in the game are!

1. Henryk Huhn, Germany
2. Jesse Hartog, Netherlands
3. Marcel van Duyn, Netherlands
4. Denis Tessier, France

Big surprise! We have 4 European winners instead of 3. The last two guys send their codes in almost at the same time, so we decided to give them both a goodie bag :)
We will send you the goodie bags as soon as possible, it will probably take a couple of days because of the holidays here.

As for all the other guys who send us their codes, we will keep collecting codes for the second goodie bag extravaganza! In the second round we will randomly pick a bunch who we will send the package. So keep sending in your codes you might win a goodie bag after all!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Euro-Australian Launch Aftermath

So, Swords & Soldiers has now been out in Europe and Australia for some time and so far we've been blown away by how good the game has been received. We already posted a link to the IGN review, but there's a couple more out there now:




Oh, right, you've probably seen it somewhere already but at the top of this post is our releasetrailer, enjoy!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Out now!

Swords & Soldiers is available in Europe and Australia in the Wii Shop Channel! All hail Aztecs! All hail Chinese! All hail Vikings! It is the completion of a cycle! Omega! Full circle! 

This actually is our first released commercial title and we're proud of it beyond words. We hope this is just step 1 in a long journey.  For us, one of the most exciting parts of making a game just begins: seeing how people like it. So far the response during development of the game has been great and we can't wait to hear how people feel about the game now that it's finaly out there. The first review is up on IGN and they awarded the game with an editor's choice award, omgbbq!!!11one.

We would like to thank all of the blog visitors for being patient with us, providing us with feedback and a good laugh here and there. Worthy of special mention are the playtesters, who contributed immensely to the realisation of Swords & Soldiers! Another roar goes out to Sonic Picnic, for breathing life in the sounds and music of the game and to U-trax for their outstanding translation! Wait a minute, you shouldn't be reading this! Get back to your Wii and kick some serious Realtime Sidescrolling Strategy butt!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Secret Code!

As you may know we have added a secret code to the game. It unlocks after you get all the 25 achievements. We added this code to do something special, as this is our first big game and we want to celebrate it! Yay! :)

In the last few weeks you guys got the opportunity to send us ideas for the code and we have chosen some really cool stuff and combined them into a Swords & Soldiers Goodie Bag!

We are giving the first 3 European/Australian people who send us their secret code this awesome goodie bag. Because the American release is a bit later, we'll also give goodie bags to the first 3 guys from the States.

Depending on how many people actually manage to achieve the code we will send more goodie bags later on, so keep sending in your codes as you may win big in the second goodie bag extravaganza!

Here is how you submit the code:

1: Achieve your ass off in Swords & Soldiers, getting all 25 achievements.
2: Go to the achievement menu, at the top you will find the code.
4: Don't forget to add your postal address in the email, otherwise we don't know where to send the goodie bag :P

happy achievement hunting! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chinese Faction Update

As the day of judgement draws near, the full might of the Chinese empire is revealed. 'Tis the day of the dragon, the day of the Monkey and the day of Zen. All hail the Chinese empire!

It is the last of the last updates, and it's a big one. As we've only shown you half of the capabilities of the Chinese there was still a lot of unrevealed stuff. We're making up for it now by releasing it all at once, finally completing the                                            Chinese faction page!

Head over to the
factions page and read about Invulnerability, Ninja Monkeys, Dragon, the Monk, Terracotta Warriors and the Zen Master or discuss 'em on the forum! Go go go! 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Release date for Europe!

The artists are done painting, the coders wrote their last lines of code and the designers finished their last level tweaks. We finished our titanic struggle and the result is a beautiful lump of bits and bytes containing some of the most epic battles ever to grace your screens.

And now you have one week to prepare. One week to sharpen your battle axes. To enter Rocky style montages where you run against the backdrop of a setting sun and go into a blank stare as you hit your punching bag. Then you will be ready when te game gets out!

Or you could just hang on your couch untill Friday. Probably just as effective.

So, let's get to business: in Europe and Australia Swords & Soldiers will be unleashed Friday the 15th of May and it will cost you 1000 Nintendo points. The US release will follow soon. Discuss it in our forum

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Challenge mode: Berserker run!

Challenge modes!

After fighting your way trough the campaigns, every swords and soldiers player wants to relax for a while. For this occasion we got exactly what they need, and no, this is not a backrub from Olga. 
We included 3 different challenge modes, gametypes which are a little different from your average swords and soldiers game. 

The first of these modes is:

The berserker run!

As Arnie the berserker, strolls trough his own backyard thinking about his lovely olga, he gets lost. While finding his way back Arnie, always in for a good rumble, encounters several foes from a long time ago. 
This is not the only one of his problems Arnie also develops a multiple personality disorder which makes his quest all the more interesting. 

The Goal of this challenge mode is to make Arnie run as far as he can, overcoming hordes of enemies using magical spells. 
This may look like a simple task at first. However the more distance Arnie covers, the more diverse adversaries will try to ruin your game along the way. Fortunately for Arnie by running further and further he will unlock magical spells for u, which u can use to aid him in his efforts.
The sheer diversity and quantity of these adversaries will test your resolve in a game of wits and reflexes.