Friday, March 27, 2009

Achievement: King of the stone age!

Danny our marketing monster has managed to get the epic score of 100 in "Boulder Mode". This mode is one of the three special modes in the game. Danny "cool" as we call him, thought he was the first to manage this perfect run of the mode, BUT I already did manage to achieve it 2 times before him, unfortunately for me I was disqualified because I made the mode...

In the meanwhile everyone is getting pretty addicted to this “spicy Aztec sauce”, the small handy flasks weren't enough so we sized them up a bit :)

The guys at the GDC have been very busy spreading the word on Swords and Soldiers, they will be back with all their news next week, so expect a full update on that including a special treat!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Hellooow Califorgnowgnaw

Again, the annual Games Developers Conference is being held in the city of The Rock and a red bridge that's called golden. Like true Vikings, Jasper and me have traveled the arctic to get here to spread the word about S
&S. We'll be doing some interviews and other media stuff. Also, in San Francisco, for the first time, the final version of the game will be playable! (without including the 3rd, supersecret faction ofcourse, har har!)

What's that? Swords And Soldiers Hotsa
uce? That's right! From the cauldron of Aztec commander in chief Poisonbotl comes the spiciest sauce the Aztecs have ever made. Rumor has it that the secret ingedient has something to do with a ridiculously huge pepper. We'll be handing out these bottles of win to anyone San Francisco brave enough to face the spicyness of Swords And Soldiers Hotsauce!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Olga & Rage

While the Viking men are busy organizing barbecue parties and fighting wars, the fierce viking women provide the Vikings with gold to fund their endless pillaging campaigns!

Yet another Factions update! This time, learn about the Viking worker, or Olga as we'd like to call her, and the Viking Rage spell. Watch out for their obvious charms as these Viking ladies are real golddiggers! 

In the meanwhile the game is now all but finished. At the the moment it's going through a thorough last playtesting pass. We want to make sure the game is spotless before we send it off to Nintendo ;).

Anyway, to check out the new updates go to the factions page! Skøll!

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Interview

TWG  news recently put up an interview with Fabian Akker, one of our game/level designers. The interview focuses on the who, what, why's of Swords and Soldiers. Go check it out!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fresh screens!

Deep from our development pit, we extracted some fresh screens! These are actual shots from the near-final version of the game showing plenty of new details. Now you can see all the individual units from every faction in all of their glorious details.

Apart from ones in the mysterious, secret third faction, of course. But don't let that annoying fact stop you, check out the
media page and take your time to soak it all in.

We also got our first rating back, and it's from PEGI. In all PEGI regions, the game will be rated 12+, as we expected. So get the toddlers out of the room if you want to play Swords & Soldiers, because these battles are obviously far to epic for their innocent eyes.

Monday, March 9, 2009



Unleashed is the power of divine fury when Thor smites down Mjollnir to crush all who would anger him!

No this is not from the lyrics of a heavy metal song, it's an excerpt from the latest update to the factions section. Added to the list is the mighty Hammer of Thor, handy to have when those pesky Aztecs need crushing! To learn more about Hammer of Thor and other units/powers head over to the factions page!

Thor himself is also featured on this brand-sparkling-new wallpaper that we've added to the media page! Get Jessica Alba off your desktop and adorn your screen with the pure awesomeness of Thor's cloud of ruggedness and manliness. Wait, is that a rubber ducky in the cloud? What would you like to see in our next wallpaper?

We have also been receiving some media attention, most noticably a two-and-a-half page coverage in EDGE magazine. If you have the opportunity, be sure to check out the articles! It's nice to see that our little Vikings and Aztecs look as good on print as they do on the screen ;). Ok, thats all for now. Don't hesitate to post your comments! We will try to keep an eye on them as much as possible and answer your questions wherever we can! Skøll!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catapult, Sacrifice, Podcast

On the battlefield, sacrifice stands as the epitomy of Aztec cruelty and affinity with the hereafter, while the Vikings bring mighty wooden contraptions to rain destruction onto their enemies!

Hear hear! We have yet again updated the factions section! Added to the list are the Viking catapult and Aztec sacrifice ability.  To learn more about these and other units head over to the
factions page! Which unit do you like most so far?

Joost van Dongen, our local lead programmer has done a 46 min. podcast interview over at The WiiDS Podcast. In this interview he talks about Swords & Soldiers and the past, present and future of Ronimo Games. Head over to The WiiDS Podcast to check it out! Cheers!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Smile, we've been caught on camera

We've done an interview for Kim Phu. She's an ex-Kotaku writer, so she knows what she's doing. It's mostly us, babbling about our game in front of a camera. There isn't that much news in there for avid followers of Swords & Soldiers, but there is some footage taken from a live Wii build. So you can see it runs pretty well on Wii nowadays! And rest assured, it runs this way even with lots of units on-screen. It's been locked at 60fps.

We're also very proud to have been a part of the latest press release by Nintendo of America. Now the world knows what we're doing!