Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We heard a lot of people saying it is hard to select the right unit in a group. Throwing a heal on the wrong unit can be very uncool and could well be a losing move in your strategy. Of course we found this problem way early in the development of the game :)

That's the reason why we implemented a priority system that will choose the right guy from a group when you throw a spell on a bunch of fighters. It's quite subtle and it is time to explain this a bit more! When you select a spell and then throw it on a group of units, every spell will go through a set of rules to decide which unit was intended by the player. It will always choose the best unit from a strategic point of view. This is done to overcome miss clicks.

Below you can see the decision flow chart of an lightning bolt when it is targeted on multiple units.

“best unit”in this chart means the unit with the highest attack priority number. Every unit has a number giving it a priority. For instance the priority of the swordsman is lower than the priority of the rocketeer, the opposing team will hit the rocketeer instead of the swordsman if they are both in range. Although their amount of remaining hitpoints is also counted for, so units will try to kill the most efficient enemy first.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

NTSC Winners!

The first three Überpwners have stepped up from the crowd! Achieving the ultimate secret code in an even faster fashion then the European competitors.

The winners of the Swords & Soldiers goodie bags are:

1. Chris David, Canada
2. Roberto Israel Hernández de la Garza, Mexico
3. William Koepke, U.S.A.

Congratulations guys! We will send the prizes as soon as possible.

And as you may know: For all the other guys who send us their codes, we will keep collecting codes for the second goodie bag extravaganza! In the second round we will randomly pick a bunch who we will send the package. So keep sending in your codes you might win a goodie bag after all!

Monday, June 8, 2009

S&S Crosses the big pond!

Swords and Soldiers is now out on American Wii's. That's right, nothing stands between you and fullfilling your deepest, darkest Sidescrolling Realtime Strategy desires!

After a great reception in Euro-Australia we hope the folk from across the Atlantic will also have a blast with S&S. Once again: thank you playtesters, blog visitors and everyone involved for your enthousiasm. Also thanks to keyboardcat for perfect rythm and ofcourse Chuck Norris for laying down the law. Enjoy S&S and may Thor's thunder light your barbecues!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Conquest of paradise!

America will get Swords & Soldiers next Monday!

After a long wait, you guys can enter the battles between the Viking horde, the Aztecs and the Chinese empire on Monday the 8th of June. Of course some of you lucky guys have already been playing the game at the E3 at the Nintendo booth, where Swords & Soldiers is being demonstrated!

The game has been received really well in the past few weeks by all kinds of media and we are really grateful for all the support we are getting.

Also the forum is doing really nicely and the group of S&S gamers is growing. Therefore we are thinking about setting up a tournament for everyone who calls himself King of Thunder, Lord of the Undead or Ninja Monkey Master! We want to know if you guys would like that and if you got specific ideas on this event, including place, date and rules. Discuss it here!

Don't forget we got three goodie bags waiting to be shipped to the U.S. So if you think you are the toughest and smartest strategist in America, get all the achievements and send us your secret code, as soon as the game comes out. For more details about the secret code see our faq.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Movie Poster Wallpapers

The American release is almost there, and to give you guys a small treat for waiting we have made something totally cool!

Swords and Soldiers movie posters! The first two are Indiana Jones and Kill Bill inspired :)

In the media section you can download the wallpapers in the format you like.

Discuss which other movies would be cool on the forum.

More cool stuff is incoming!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Harder, better, faster, stronger!

Want to make Swords and Soldiers a bit more challenging?
Or is the game proving to be a bit TOO challenging for you?
Rejoice!! For there is a game option to alter the game speed.

There are several game speeds that reside in S&S. The entire game will be affected by this option. This setting can be altered at any time and can be found in the options menu (obviously).
Here is a quick list detailing each game speed:

If you are having trouble playing at normal speed, you can switch to this game speed. It will make it easier for you to target spells and you will have more time deciding what units to build.
Please note that with this speed enabled you won't be able to get ANY achievements.

The default game speed u will start with. Designed for the medium skilled players of S&S.
We recommend you starting with this setting first. From there decide what speed suits you best.

When your skill level grows and you feel like the action could be a little bit faster, this is the option for you! Try beating all campaign lvl's on this setting if you have cleared it on normal.

This option will be available when u finish all campaign levels.
This option is designed for those that want to get the most challenge out of the game. It will require some insane uber micromanagement to play with this speed but if u want to impress some friends or even us,
this IS the way to do it.

Now with all this revelating information go forth and battle at your leisure u diabolical warmongerers!
Thou still has a chance to be a proud owner of a Swords and Soldiers goodiebag!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the winners are...

The lucky guys who were hardcore enough to be the first beating all the achievements in the game are!

1. Henryk Huhn, Germany
2. Jesse Hartog, Netherlands
3. Marcel van Duyn, Netherlands
4. Denis Tessier, France

Big surprise! We have 4 European winners instead of 3. The last two guys send their codes in almost at the same time, so we decided to give them both a goodie bag :)
We will send you the goodie bags as soon as possible, it will probably take a couple of days because of the holidays here.

As for all the other guys who send us their codes, we will keep collecting codes for the second goodie bag extravaganza! In the second round we will randomly pick a bunch who we will send the package. So keep sending in your codes you might win a goodie bag after all!