Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The towers of powers!

As Chinese tacticians, Viking warlords and Aztec emperors keep commanding their forces into new territory, defending these lands becomes a must. In protection of those newly acquired lands, structures are popping up almost as quick as they'll be getting razed by bands of warmongering competitors!

No war can be fought without defensive emplacements and Swords & Soldiers is no exception to this rule! 
Every faction in the game has it's own tower. These buildings can be build on special building spots in the levels. Towers are a great way to conquer land and hold on to it. Using them defensively or offensively is up to the player, making this choice wisely can make all the difference in the course of a battle.

Head over to the factions page! to learn about towers in S&S, and discuss it in the forum!


Mario64a said...

Haha, 1st.

Nice update, lot of people r waiting 4 this 1. Btw. nice sound, but what is it saying?

Anonymous said...

Nice ;)

Anonymous said...

we r in need of an update