Friday, April 24, 2009

Swords & Soldiers' growing web presence!

Since yesterday you know that the Aztecs and Vikings no longer rule the battlefields alone. The Chinese are the third faction struggling for dominance, and today you can see them in action!

As you can see, the Chinese pack quite a punch. Did you catch the suprise at the end?

On the game itself, we are inching closer and closer to the final release. It shouldn't be too long for the game to come out! And that means of course you guys need some place to comment on the game. To post your highest scores and discuss the finer strategies of the game. Therefore added a brand new forum to the site!

In other great news, we have our own site on the official Nintendo website! There's some content on there that's not (yet) available here, mostly about the Chinese!

So check it out here:


Mario64a said...

Whoeehoeeh, S&S at IGN and a new forum. Nice job, guys.

Keep them coming :P

Anonymous said...


SoulQuick said...

this is really awesome! mostly in rts games i play with a asian faction so prolly going to play with the chinese here too. but im gonna check all factions to see which one fits the most for me!:P

Anonymous said...

im getting pretty impatient relase this game!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Mario64a said...

It's not nice 2 use capitals, and check the forum 4 other nice things about S&S and some nice messages from the Ronimo team.