Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Third Faction ETA + GDC

In far away lands an ancient power stirs. Drums of war echo in the distance. Crimson banners held high, a third faction readies itself for the coming conflict! Swords shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered... a sword day... a red day, the dawning of the...

...yet to be revealed third faction will be on April 22nd! 15 more nights of sleep before we will release those guys, and you bet your mother on it they're worth it! ;) And, uhh, yes... for those of you who didn't get it yet, that means the space marines were a cleverly-thought-of april fools joke...

This year's Game Developer's Conference was great. We did a lot of business stuff, talked to a lot of press, and still had time to go to some parties, eat some hamburgers and bike the Golden Gate bridge. Everyone liked S&S a lot and we can't wait to get it into the WiiWare shop...

Some of GDC's press coverage on S&S is already up on the internetz. Check out these three hands-on reports! And oh, by the way, these links are all 100% guaranteed rick-roll free (only the finest for our blog-followers!): 

Infendo hands-on

That's all for today, keep checking the blog for updates, we still have some Aztec skills to show you before we release the third faction! Skøll!


Pim said...

OOOH, the third faction :O
i'm so exited!! (I dont care about the fact that i already know the 3rd faction) :P
GDC seems to work out well for you guys :D
keep up!!

Ps: Im first this time :P :P

matt said...

i don't think i can wait that long tell me what it is NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm just gonna let off some steam. Don't let it bother anyone...I'm really interested in the game (I've followed it pretty much since it was announced), but this whole third-faction thing is just silly. Maybe it's worth the wait, but it's been a LONG time since it was initially foretold there would be 3 factions and that the third was a secret. It's nice to have something to let the fans (myself included) get excited about, but the amount of time we've waited is just crazy. Something tells me it won't be that exciting/cool. It's nothing against what you've done, it's just after hyping something for so long things just go out of proportions. And if it was THAT exciting then it would probably alter the balance of the other two factions, not to mention everyone would want to play as them.

Ok, with that off my chest (been meaning to say that for a LONNNG time), I want to thank you guys for your hard work! Can't wait to see what the third faction is :)

Mario64a said...

Pim, U r the best, haha.

I know that the 3rd Faction is also worth 2 play, trust me.

Olivier said...

but this whole third-faction thing is just silly

Thanks for your input, I think you have a good point anonymous! But the way we have set up the reveal right now just falls into place with some external stuff that's gonna happen to S&S, stuff we couldn't plan ahead (can't go into specifics here).

If you like the Aztecs and Vikings so far, you're gonna like the third faction aswell. They won't be overpowered, just... different. Our main concern here is to deliver a good game!

Mario64a said...

Olivier, good morning and U r right :-)

Any plans 4 2day? New things 2 work on or just sit in the sun? I have my own DSi now and I can check this site and send messages with it here, haha.

Pim said...

Mario, That DSi eh, Can it connect to a Wpa secured router? The Ds i got Can't do it.. and the function to go on internet is a plus but if it cant connect to a Wpa secured acces point i doesnt have that plus for me..

Srry for this off topic comment btw

Mario64a said...

Pim, good question. I asked google and I came 2 this site http://gonintendo.com/?p=59528 and 1 reaction is:

basically it means the DSi can connect to WPA secured routers, like the Wii can, and that will be for any DS ware or other online stuff new to the DSi. However regular DS games will still only be able to use WEP.

Im guessing the DSi will have it’s own connection settings along with DS connection settings. Which makes the new nitnendo router useful because i believe it can have both WPA and WEP at the same time


In the connection settings, U can put all the info U need 2 connect.

BTW. I'm using a wireless Lan acces point connect 2 my normal router and it's just an open connection, but it's only connected when I use my DSi and playing GTA. When using my Wii, I connect it 2 my router with the Lan adapter.

Pim said...

Thanks, that's exactly what i wanted to know! :D

Mario64a said...

U r welcome, always nice 2 help others.

Btw. I ended GTA China Town Wars 2 days ago :-P

Criminal Rating - Incense Master
Percentage Complete - 51.73%

Mario64a said...

Oops, I forget 2 choose the right info. That was the old 1. Here is the right 1.

Criminal Rating - Deputy Mountain Master
Percentage Complete - 64.50%
Gold Medals - 7
Silver Medals - 5
Bronze Medals - 12

Pim said...

I got GTA CW too great game love to hang around in liberty city :P