Friday, April 3, 2009

Show and Tell

As some of you might've noticed, we have some fresh footage of Swords & Soldiers! This time it's more direct footage of gameplay. The first video shows off some single player gameplay in one of the later levels of the Viking campaign.

And second video shows a splitscreen multiplayer match in which two skilled opponents do battle!

Hopefully you'll now have a better idea of the depth that goes into humiliating your opponent in Swords & Soldiers.

Next week we'll deliver the promised battle report on the GDC. We're also finalizing the revelation of the third faction and that includes the actual date we're going to reveal them. And don't worry, there's still plenty of other cool stuff heading your way.


BenC said...

Dear S&S crew,
I'm overseas at the moment for work because of the situation in the US. I am inches away from killing myself of being bored and unable to socialize. I think the only thing that's giving me hope of the future and the date of returning back to my home is this game. I'm very eager to get my hands on this, hopefully it'll last until I've gotten back home.


P.S. No pressure intended (wahaha)

Erik said...

Following up on the 'no pressure intended' bit: better hurry up guys, someone's live is at stake here!

(and better not disappoint him, either ;-) )

Pim said...

Nice Vids guys,
Who are the skilled players? I see some good tactics :P
Keep up :D

Anonymous said...

fix the faction

weeeeeee said...

i have so many friends i cant narrow it down!

Mario64a said...

Nice 2 c the new updates.

Who won? :P

Have some1 saw the begin part of the 1st vid from what series it took and also the ingame text when people get some kicking? It's very old, but still funny 2 watch.

Btw. This is sended with my PC, not with my DSi. Hope there is coming an DSi ware version also 4 single card Download play multiplayer kicking.

al said...

ronimo just loves to watch us suffer by takeing their sweet time to UPDATE a site when the game is basically complete!