Monday, February 2, 2009

All jammed out

After a long week of hardcore game development, the thing we really needed was... Some more hardcore game development at the Global Gamejam! Well, not really, but this was an event which we really couldn't pass up on. After getting locked up in our old faculty building, we had to compete with 20 other teams made up out of other Dutch game developers and students. We ourselves were also paired with a great audio designer, the one thing we couldn't bring to the event ourselves.
The goal was to create a game in 48 hours. And it was a worldwide event! So everywhere teams were slaving away, trying to knock out a decent game in a weekend. Lots of hours of sleep were lost around the world. The results can be seen over here:

We created a little game called Insanity Grab Go! A crazy game where two players struggle for control of one character. It can be played on PC, but requires XNA 3.0. And two Xbox controllers if you want to play against eachother. But you can also check it out using your mouse, though that's singleplayer only. The game can be found here:

Special mention needs to the crazy soundtrack which suits the crazy action and theme prefectly. Try the widget here to hear it, and get a taste of the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, we didn't win. But we did receive an honourable mention! And the crowd seemed to like it, some maybe we'll use some of it's ideas in the future. What do you think?

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Laurens said...

I played it at the jam and have to say it is a keeper. The way navigation works with two opponents controlling the same character is just awesome!

It took some time to understand what to do - probably be due to the lost hours of sleep - but I think it's the most innovative piece of last weekends jam.

Definitely worth to consider developing a small game with what's been made in the 48 hours as a foundation, adding a bit more depth and complexity.

oh.. and make it out of cardboard boxes 8D