Friday, February 20, 2009

User testing done!

Well, for now. Maybe we'll hold another round in a few weeks. 

But first we're going to try and break the game ourselves. Just to see what happens if players only build one unit and then eat the Wii Remote. Those players should lose pretty badly. Well, after the first two/three levels anyway. Those are meant to ease people in. 

We also want to make sure that there aren't any cheap tricks, cheats or shortcuts through our levels, that our Achievements are actually achievable and simply that our game stays stable enough to be running for hours and hours of use. So for us that means playing playing playing playing playing playing playing play... Oh you get the picture.

Last week we also decided that we'll be going to the GDC to promote our game! It was a pretty tough decision, since travelling to San Fransisco doesn't come cheap. But we recieved some help from the kind folks at the Dutch Game Garden and the NLGD. Now we'll have to think up some crazy stuff to do there so we can get some attention for our game. Maybe you guys have some ideas for us?

And finally, we got a look at the article about us in Edge magazine, and it turned out awesome! It will be featured in the March edition, which should be in the shops soon. I've always been a big fan personally, so it's nice to see us featured pretty big in there. And the game also receives half a page, filled with praise so that should help getting the word out.


Mario64a said...

I have a nice idea 4 GDC, take me with U 4 free, haha. Maybe it's nice 2 ask some people 2 put them in the clothes of the characters 2 get on the photo with them. And also some nice Viking girls 2 get attention of the guys there. Very important, demo pods 2 play the game. Don't forget 2 have a good place without some1 else close with loud music, the game is 2 funny with all it's sounds and voices.

FalcoVet101 said...

Mario always steals my ideas >=(

Anyway,having people dress up as Vikings and Aztecs would be cool.Maybe you can have one dress as the third (and since its not completely revealed yet,itd probably still be a secret to those who dont know)

And a couple weeks?!?!? AWWWW

This game better be worth it.Im counting on you guys!
-And maybe you should have a campaign booth and multiplayer. If you dont have them already.Oh,and free Viking hats to all!Fwahahahaaaa

Mario64a said...

Haha, Falco.

And the game is worth it, I played it and it's lots of fun in single- and multi player. Normally I don't play RTS games, but this is a sidescrolling cartoon looking game, so I like it :-P

1 fun thing, ........ I can't tell, or else U know what serie they watched and put in the game.

The now curious FalcoVet101 said...

Ill take your word for it mario.I just really hope theres a sequal with online.Ive loved playing strategy games ever since my friend introduced me to Advance Wars in 4th grade.Besides,this is a wiiware game,and even from videos,it looks terrific (if not better)has great voice overs,and is really unique.
And now you're torturing me with saying theres another hidden feature but cant tell me.Oh well,it seems this is one of the best years to be a Wii owner,with this,Madworld,Onslaught (which isnt in us yet darn it),The Conduit,and so much more.

Anonymous said...

Personally looking forward to the Marvelous games, but yes, it's a great time to be a Wii owner.

This game looks so awesome. I applaud the developers for wanting to make a quality game, and from what they've shown us, the game looks like a lot of fun.

But man, they are making the wait very difficult! They still haven't even announced the last faction :-\ I thought the game would pop-up in the beginning of March but I guess I was wrong.

@Developers: If you get Viking girls, I want pictures! The last ones were cute, but we only got one picture!

Mario64a said...
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Mario64a said...

I know it's hard 4 waiting 4 it, but I can tell U, it's worth waiting 4 it, in single and multiplayer. When this game is a big succes, U never know what the future brings. The Blob also get a new part, so ..... ;-)

About the last faction, it's cool, but I can't tell more about it, or else some people will kick my @ss and send some Vikings 2 me 2 kill me.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait it looks great, this is one of my most anticipated wii ware games this year and i am already going to game stores and trying to get everyone hyped for the game