Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Local WiiWare meet

Last night we met up with the guys from Two Tribes, the same guys responsible for the Wiiware game Toki Tori. We were introduced to them at last years' GDC by our audio partner, Sonic Picnic. They are doing the audio for their games as well as ours, so that's a nice coincidence.

If you haven't played Toki Tori yet, you should. It's a puzzle game in which you need to guide a small chick through levels filled with puzzles and enemies. Luckily he carries some tools that help him along the way. Every level has a solution, but finding it becomes pretty hard, pretty fast. So bring your brain, because finally finding that solution is immensely satisfying. The press gave it pretty rave reviews, and rightfully so. The first version of Toki Tori was a Gameboy color game, which was a bit overlooked because it came out around the time that the Gameboy Advance came out. So it's great that everybody got another chance to play it on Wiiware. They also made Rubik's world on Wii and Worms 2 on DS, amongst other things. Anyway, Two Tribes has been around a lot longer than Ronimo games, so they also had some cool insights and fun stories about the early days. Luckily, they also seemed to like Swords & Soldiers a lot and they gave us some really useful technical tips.

While speaking about Swords & Soldiers, it's really getting close to finished now. We recieved the translations back from our translating partner, U-trax. We made the English and Dutch versions ourselves, but now our game is playable in French, German, Italian and Spanish, too! They also did a great job on translating the jokes. Most of the times this means that the translators have to think up new jokes, so we're lucky that they have some very funny people working at U-trax. We'll give you some examples in a future post.


Anonymous said...

Cool!! Thanks you guys and keep up the good work ;-)


Two Tribes

Mario64a said...

Nice written, hope Two Tribes and Ronimo will work 2gether some day 2 make a new cool game on Wii ;-)

matt said...

2 tribes have made good games in the past so they should make this game better