Friday, February 13, 2009

Tien voor taal

We recently got our ingame texts back from the talented Multilinguinies™ at U-trax.  The first thing we did was paste the texts into our game, to see how they work. Unfortunately, some texts turned out a little too long, so we'll need to enlarge some of our buttons and text balloons to fit it all in. It's our own fault, since we just recently decided to make the ingame font a little bigger for readability.

But apart from those small technical niggles we're very happy with the results! It's funny to see your own texts back in a language you hardly comprehend. You know what he says, you just can't read it. But thanks to our high school language classes and some help from google translate, we can conclude that the translated versions of the game will be just as fun as the original languages we wrote them in. Here are some highlights from the French and German translations:

French  - English

1. Roc fort                           - Rick rolled
2. Tour operator   - Fourtification
3. Roc'n'roll  - Boulder mode

1. An achievement you get for destroying the enemy castle using the rolling boulder spell. (see our trailer)
2. An achievement you get for keeping four towers alive during a level where you're flooded by enemies.
3. A special mode around the boulder spell.

German  - English

1. Kochen mit Knochen                          - Cooking by the book
2. Behalt doch das doofe Heer                - Keep your lousy army
3. Artenschutz für Wikinger                    - Lost vikings

1. An achievement you get for finishing the campaign about hot sauce.
2. An achievement you get for not mindcontrolling the enemy army in one of the campaign levels.
3. An achievement you get for saving some Viking units from getting sacrificed.

Good luck figuring out the translations!


Erik said...

Ah, languages - coooool...

(especially the 'tour operator' - and anything in German with 'doof', of course!)

Now for the new trailer!

matt said...

interesting when is it coming out

Mario64a said...

Just a little time be4 the waiting is over. The voices, the sounds, the jokes and the things U find out when U play the game, it's all very funny.

Let the @ss kicking begin

FalcoVet101 said...

hopefully itll come in a week or less.I NEED A NEW GAME IN MY LIFE!ESPECIALLY AN RTS

Anonymous said...

^ I wouldn't be expecting that because I doubt the game will come out that quickly.

Originally in an interview they had said the game would come out at the end of feb, but with all the testing and whatnot, I wonder if they'll have to push it back?