Wednesday, January 28, 2009

De Blob gets a sequel!

They took our baby! And turned it into a really cool "man". Or a full disc based Wii title, depending on which way you look at it. We're talking about De Blob, as you might've guessed. As we said earlier, we're really happy how THQ's version turned out. But it's always hard to predict what the public might think of it.

But it turns out that you like it enough to
warrant a sequel! It's more of a sleeper than a monster hit, but still. We're very glad that the game turned out to be a succes. 

The actual game is pretty close to what we feel we would've done, if we had a lot more resources and experience. So we still feel pretty closely tied to it, even though we hardly had any direct influence on the current version. It will still be a while before we will be able to tackle projects of that scale ourselves. But until then we're having very much fun gaining experience and developing smaller games like Swords & Soldiers!

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