Monday, January 12, 2009

A new year, a new blog-post!

First of all: happy new year everyone! May this year bring lots of blog updates. Oh wait, here's one already:

From the darkest tombs in the jungles come the Aztec necromancers, adept at raising the bones of fallen allies and enemies alike, while the Vikings have mastered the elements, calling upon mighty freezing snowstorms. The time of glorious battle, epic quests and giant vegetables is on the horizon!

Head over to the factions page to learn more about the viking snowstorm and aztec necromancer! Skøll!


matt said...

very interesting took me a while to figure out what it said but i think it says "bring out your dead" but i am not sure.cant wait 'till the game comes out. some time soon i hope

Jan Hoos said...

Yeh! Lets hope its going to be Q1 2009

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this game!!!