Friday, September 26, 2008

De Blob is out!

As some of you might know most of our core team consists of guys who worked on the original PC version of de Blob (this version) And today is the day the new de Blob game came out for the Wii here in Holland! So we already checked it out in during lunch and we're very happy with the results. We would like to congratulate the Blue Tongue guys for handling our baby so incredibly well. And we're very grateful THQ took the time to really polish the game.

For us de Blob was a great project. We needed to build something of that scale to know if our team was ready to stand on its own after we graduated. The intial assignment was pretty baffling. An information centre at the heart of the Dutch city of Utrecht wanted a game. The station area of that city is going to be a construction mess for years to come, and they wanted us to put it into a more positive light. To show them how lively and green the city would be afterwards. And we thought it would be nice if people were able to make the future city lively themselves. So we made de Blob. And for us it was a great way to get some good grades and prove to ourselves we could do it. But then came THQ.

It was a bit of a shock, being mailed by THQ with their request to buy the rights from us. We knew the game was pretty fun but we never expected this to happen. It gave us a massive boost in starting our own studio. It delivered five us some personal money and our studio lots of very useful contacts. All of which helped us to deliver you Swords & Soldiers!

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