Monday, December 15, 2008

Some fresh bits for those cold nights

Hang tight! We're preparing a Christmas surprise! Well, it's a bit less of a surprise now. But anyway, something is coming! *ominous sound*

And to help you guys get through the wait, there is also something new RIGHT NOW!
We managed to squeeze out a little more faction info: the fearsome Poison Bomb and powerful Frost Hammer are up for display, so head out to the Factions section and check it out. We also whipped up this little gadget on the right, to let you know what this mysterious 'Frost Hammer' type character will sound like in the actual game.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who stopped by for testing the last few weekends. Thank you for every bit of constructive criticism to help us improve our game! Especially the last weekend was extremely hectic, but we got some great feedback and everyone was generally very positive. We enjoyed seeing you play the game, and we hope you'll be interested in testing again in the near future!


matt said...

i wonder what that xmas surprise will be.
this game is looking good

Jan said...

cool! An Xmas surprise! The game is really great guys! Keep up the good work!