Wednesday, December 3, 2008

HME aftermath: Gamers, Groupies & Battleaxes!

The HME weekend is over and done with, and I think we can all look back on a successful couple of days.

We had a small stand in the corner of a bigger one, which itself was drowned in even more giantesque stands. Nonetheless, people found our little Gladiatorial Corner of Carnage™ and we were pleased to see that those people really enjoyed themselves.

We had two setups where several players could duke it out in multiplayer matches. Vikings versus Aztecs, we saw a lot of glorious battles. Most people stayed for a rematch or even a re-rematch! These were also the greatest skirmishes to watch as the game is quick to pick up and players learned to use skills and units fast and effectively.

It wasn't just fun and games for us though, as the matches progressed, we made note of some bugs and considered some tweaks here and there. This was the first public appearance of Swords & Soldiers after all and we wanted the game to do good. Luckily, at the end of the day, everyone enjoyed themselves and S&S didn't disappoint!

As a bonus, we put up the first spells for the Vikings and Aztecs on the Faction section, so be sure to check those out!

I leave you now with a world premiere: WiiWare Boothbabes!

Ok... so we borrowed them from another stand, but it still makes for a great shot!


Jan Hoos said...

w00t! WiiWare boothbabes :P

The game was awesome and it does pick up and learn fast!

Anonymous said...

A Wiiware game that is actually delayed for tweaks, boothbabes, and a well-received public appearance? This is a "must purchase" for me.

I wish you all lots of success with this project and hope that will open doors for future opportunities for Wiiware or a retail game.

Anonymous said...

the boothbabes were hot