Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vikings, New Additions and Roasted Swine!

As the days are getting darker, and the temperatures colder, 12 brave souls march on to save Wiiware from evil puzzle games! Shields shall be shattered, spears shall be splintered, swine shall be roasted!

So... right now we're working really hard on getting all assets of the game together. A working menu, the campaign missions and all sorts of graphical tidbits are being introduced in the game, while old unit- and spellgfx get revised to be up to standard with how we want the game to look and feel. Things are going pretty fast right now as everyday there are cool new additions to the build we're running.

The best thing is: We still love to play the game ourselves! Playtests always are a lot of fun. My favorite faction right now is Vikings. It's always fun to brute-force-crush the insidious tactics the other two races can throw at me. The Vikings are also definitely the easiest faction to get into and the campaign will start off with them as the main story focus. Although the Vikings will allow for elaborate tactics, they always have the good ol' axe and a bad temper to rely on.

K, signing off, but not before I leave you with an all new screenie of the game, showcasing the freshly added Viking Warlord and devastating Aztec Statue: laser-eyes, pew pew! Expect more updates in the coming days! Skøll!

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