Friday, October 31, 2008

Leaders: Blood, Sweat and Spittle!

What would a base be without a hyperventilating leader showering his troops with spittle as he bellows them on? Well, just a big empty building really. So here they are!

Leaders are a proud breed and are known to have a deep rooted fondness for their base. They can really get annoyed if anyone builds a base nearby just to show off. It's not entirely uncommon therefore to find two leaders duking it out over their bases' bragging rights. Unsurprisingly, they will use any means necessary to protect what is theirs and send dozens of troops out to make the opposing base a whole lot flatter.

Apart from treating their army as their personal battering rams, they will fulfil a few worthwhile tasks for you on the battlefield. They will warn you as soon as an upgrade is completed, yell at you when your gold is running low or seethe with fury when their beautiful base is under siege.

As a fun extra, here's a shiny wallpaper featuring the Viking and Aztec leaders. Perfect for decorating your personal S&S fan shrines. It even comes in different size flavours!

But who is that dastardly figure in the middle? Only time will tell!

1680x1050 (wide)
1920x1200 (wide)
2560x1200 (wide)

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