Thursday, June 11, 2009

NTSC Winners!

The first three Überpwners have stepped up from the crowd! Achieving the ultimate secret code in an even faster fashion then the European competitors.

The winners of the Swords & Soldiers goodie bags are:

1. Chris David, Canada
2. Roberto Israel Hernández de la Garza, Mexico
3. William Koepke, U.S.A.

Congratulations guys! We will send the prizes as soon as possible.

And as you may know: For all the other guys who send us their codes, we will keep collecting codes for the second goodie bag extravaganza! In the second round we will randomly pick a bunch who we will send the package. So keep sending in your codes you might win a goodie bag after all!


Squeedge said...

Gratz, Will...I owe you dinner or something for thinking you wouldn't make it.

Mario64a said...

Congratz all, keep playing and have fun with the best game there is :-)

Anonymous said...

this is rigged

Alyssa said...

sweeeet way to go! XD

FalcoVet101 said...

Dammit!!!3 more achievments to go...i hate challenges xD

Hopefully ill get the next one =(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...