Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Swords & Soldiers playable at the HME 2008!

Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday Swords & Soldiers will be playable at the HME 2008 in Utrecht! We will be located in the so-called 'Utrecht Booth' (Hal 11, 11D056). We are looking forward to hearing the reactions of the public to the game, as this will be the first real public showing of the game! The game is not yet finished, though, so we will also abuse this chance to spot new bugs in gameplay, graphics and code. You are all welcome to be our beta testing bunnies, live at the show floor! We expect only Viking and Aztec casualties, though...

The HME 2008 is one of the largest game events in the Netherlands. It is located in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, The Netherlands, next to Utrecht's central station. You can find more info on


Jan Hoos said...

AWESOME! I will be there so I will certainly try it out!

Mario64a said...

I tried it with my chat friend and I like it, hope it get online also and a Send a demo mode 2 make more friends happy with it.

Yannick said...

I was there^^
It was awesome :p

I was there for like 2 hours and i wasn't bored yet ^^

So good game